About Us


This might not be considered as the best time to start a record label, what with the rise of streaming and file sharing and serious decline in hard sales but what the hell. We really wanted to, and so here we are with Pebble, living the dream, and loving it.

Chris Lastelle has racked up more than 30 years experience in the music business and thought it was about time to put all that hard earned knowledge into a label that would directly support up and coming artists with really unique and unconventional sounds.  Pebble Music has been happily overwhelmed by the success, the fun, and the range of artists we are supporting.  We would love to welcome you to Pebble, so don’t hold back on getting in touch if you want to know more about us, or just want to come and visit.


We are a multi-facetted production house, where artists have the opportunity to grow and expand their careers, benefitting from our many years of experience and our passion for music and musicians. We are attracted to intensely original, non genre-specific artists who have something to say – message and passion count!

The artists we work with could better be described as alchemists and/or physicists who practice musical geomancy.  Each one drew us to them with authentic, driven and natural energy that cannot be confined to any one style.

These artists have taken traditional elements and twisted them into music that is persuasive and compelling. Each one has inspired us to work with them by giving us a moment in our lives where the world stopped and we existed only in the one moment we heard them.

In return we pour our wholehearted energy into making these artists’ visions real.



  • Chris Lastelle

  • Producer / Artist / Multi-instrumentalist

Chris is the powerhouse behind production at Pebble Music.

“The good old Synth and a Tascam cassette recorder were the beginning of my first studio back in Sydney many years ago!”.  My recording studio was my passion and I poured (almost) every cent I earned into constantly improving it while still carving out a solo career.   “In early 2000 I was selling my music overseas, going on tour, and generally misbehaving.  Then I made a plan to re-locate..” Chris moved to Berlin and now has a fabulous recording studio in the historic, retro DDR era Funkhaus.  In 2011 he partnered with Melissa to combine all their work and services under Pebble Music. “It’s considered a tough time to start a traditional music label but Pebble is about the artists and the music and we put that above all else”.

“I’ve got my passion right here, sitting right next to my coffee, I’ve got heaps of knowledge on the shelf, and I’ve got a growing list of truly individual and sensational music to produce I am living (in) my dream”.